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  • "Underwater technology"
  • "Network Economics"
  • "Long distance migrations"

Economy: current projects

We apply network modeling and market analyses to describe seafood trade dynamics. In particular we are interested in understading the propagation of local perturbations into the global market.

Global trades and food security


A minimal model for the global seafood market is developed to describe interactions between a set of producers (e.g., fishery), consumers and global suppliers, which are able to trade and distribute the commodity on a global market network. Different markets are linked in the network and we consider costs related to production, distribution and consumption of the seafood. We use then a game theoretical approach to establish the equilibrium on the network, which is the set of strategies that maximize the gain for all players.

Shrimp Market analyses


Shrimp are amongst the most internationally traded commodities, with a global traded amount of almost 17 billion US$ and a production of almost 7 million tons of shrimps including fishery and aquaculture (data in 2014 from FAO).