Blue Research Lab DTU Aqua

  • "Underwater technology"
  • "Network Economics"
  • "Long distance migrations"

Welcome To BlueLab Website

The Blue Lab at DTU contributes to the research area Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics at DTU Aqua and concentrates in developing, understanding and predictive capacities to manage marine ecosystems and the services they provide. In particular the group concentrates on migration dynamics, community interactions, trait based approaches, socio-economic networks and collaborate with different groups to develop innovative underwater technologies.


We focus on understanding how marine ecosystems function and how they change under variable forcing, including cumulative and interacting human induced and natural drivers. Tools are developed to integrate socioeconomic dimension, providing evidence and analytical tools to understand, explore, quantify and predict the impact of fisheries and other human activities on lower trophic levels and ultimately nutrient cycling as well as the the effects of lower trophic level dynamics on fisheries and society.