Blue Research Lab DTU Aqua

  • "Underwater technology"
  • "Network Economics"
  • "Long distance migrations"

Technology: current projects

We are interested in developing new methods and algorithms for automatic detection of marine organisms. We also partecipate in several projects to develop new instruments such as underwater cameras and robots.

Fish tracking


In a national project (REVFISK) we monitor fish behavior in connection to different reef structures. We developed an automatic object detection and tracking software to track and monitor individual fish during the expertiment and measured activity level of the individuals in different conditions. Stereoscopic cameras are used to obtain three-dimensional information on fish position in the experimental tank. Contact info: Patrizio Mariani

Underwater robotic systems


The REMORA project proposes to develop an underwater robotic system for autonomous inspection in confined waters of marine structures and environments, such as offshore renewable energy farms (wind, waves and tidal) and oil and gas platforms, mariculture infrastructure, mapping of archaeological sites, surveillance of coastal waters, exploration of natural marine environments. This is a collaboration with DTU Elektro and DTU Mech and supported by Maritime DTU. Contact info: Patrizio Mariani.

Jellyfish detection


We have applied for European fundings to develop a software (JTRACK) to enable automatic jellyfish identification and species recognition necessary for early-detection of harmful jelly proliferation and management of alien species. JTRACK will make use of state-of-the-art underwater imaging technologies based on innovative pulsed laser illumination (LiDAR) and will develop a database for jellyfish imaging and a machine learning algorithm for jellyfish classification. Contact info: Patrizio Mariani